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The Sigillo d’Ateneo of Urbino University to Alceste Vitri

Last night, in the courtyard of honor of the Ducal Palace of Urbino, Alceste Vitri was awarded the Sigillo d’Ateneo of Urbino University. A recognition of great value that, in the past, has awarded very high personalities in the world of art, economics, politics, sport and entrepreneurship.

During the ceremony, organized by Confindustria Pesaro and Urbino, the Magnificent Rector, Prof. Calcagnini, recalled both the professional path that led Alceste Vitri to build a cutting-edge business model and the strong social commitment of the founder of Rivacold, Vitrifrigo and of the VAG Group, aimed above all at the new generations.

Alceste Vitri, who declared himself honored and thanked the University of Urbino, wanted to focus, not so much on the success of the Group, but in offering opportunities for professional growth and individual fulfillment to many young people.

"Among the secrets that can explain the success of the VAG group, in addition to the tenacity and having been able to anticipate some changes in the refrigeration sector, there is certainly this: the enthusiasm with which, over time, I wanted to teach my profession and pass on my passion to the new generations. "

Alceste Vitri therefore concluded by defining the Sigillo d’Ateneo not only as a prize for what has been done, but as the recognition of a common vision of the future, shared with the University of Urbino, of our territory and of our community.

Consegna sigillo