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The best way to start the world championship 2022

Losail - Qatar, March 6th - It has been a weekend of hard work, since Friday the whole team has been focused on finding the smallest detail to be ready for the first race of the world championship at the Losail circuit in Qatar. And we finally got to the start with Andrea Migno who after the excellent qualifying on Saturday earns, due to some penalties, a position on the grid. He then starts from P3, in the front row and manages to take advantage of his position immediately with an excellent shot when the traffic lights turn off. He turns second at the first corner, keeping away from the pitfalls of the group behind him and immediately sets off in pursuit of the first position. Although the lead moves slightly away during the laps, Andrea does not give up and continues his run-up, driving lap after lap with millimeter precision. Andrea manages not to give up a millimeter in braking and prevents all the attacks of the pursuers.
The turning point. 
The turning point of the race at 7 laps to go, when Andrea fills the gap and manages to gain the first position that will never give up until the end of the race.
The masterpiece of the last lap.
Endless race that never seems to end. Last turn of the penultimate lap, Andrea is in the lead, the whole team breathless in front of the screens. First attack before the straight, Andrea manages to close the door and comes out very fast at the same time. Great traction and incredible progression on the Losail straight. First corner of the last lap, one of two opportunities for the pursuers to attack. The Snipers rider draws an incredible trajectory, defends the position and stretches. Perfect trajectories for all the subsequent 14 turns of the circuit. One more is missing, the 16th, before the final sprint. Once again Andrea manages to draw a perfect trajectory with which to defend the position and launch, for the final sprint, towards an incredible victory.
Incredible satisfaction.
It's over, the first race of the world championship sees Team Snipers with Andrea Migno on the first step of the podium. After all the difficulties and bad luck of the last season, after all the sweat, the commitment and the sacrifices of this winter, of these last days, the satisfaction and happiness are endless. A special thanks to our Boss Mirco Cecchini, who since the last race of last season has never stopped working hard to increase the already great competitiveness of the whole team, the cohesion and focus of an incredible group, that today can celebrate together.

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