Rivacold Water Loop plant for IN’S Verona

Rivacold realized a complete Water Loop system designed for a IN'S discount chain in Verona. This system, installed in collaboration with  Isoklima S.r.l. Padova, consists of 1 dry cooler and 8 Rivacold condensing units for wall display cases (2 low temperature and 6 medium temperature units) and uses a closed circuit of water for the condensation of the units. The hot water output from the units is then conveyed into the dry cooler, made by Rivacold as well, where the water is cooled and then put at the disposal of the units again. Thought with a view to environmental sustainability and ease of installation/maintenance, this system, compared to classical "centralized" ones, offers important advantages in commercial applications such as:
• Increased energy efficiency due to operation and independent control of each unit;
• Small sized elements and therefore greater display space available in stores;
• Minimal costs and short construction time;
• Ease of maintenance and maximum flexibility in items moving or modification;
• Low gas charge required;
• Drastic reduction of gas losses due to units manufactured and fully tested in the factory.
Key partner in this project was Pastorfrigor Group, official supplier of wall display cases for IN'S retail chain.
The units produced by Rivacold use R 410A gas as refrigerant and reach a cooling capacity of up to 8.5 kW in medium temperature and 3 kW in low temperature applications. They are equipped with BLDC compressor controlled by inverter, electronic expansion valve and a dedicated control made by Carel (Heos). The variable speed compressor allows an energy saving of up to 30% compared to an on-off compressor. Moreover, thanks to the electronic control, Rivacold units guarantee, in addition to a low noise level, a smaller oscillation of the temperature and, consequently, a better preservation of food (2 additional shelf life days).
These units integrated into a "Water Loop" system enrich Rivacold solutions for the world of supermarkets and confirm  the company's ability to offer highly innovative and environmentally friendly products that can satisfy all the customer needs within the sector.


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