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Fenati King of the Rain, another victory in Gran Prix of Japan

On wet conditions Romano is inexorable. It seems to easy from the outside. In fact this victory was built at the box with a right set-up and a rider who trusts the team. When Romano is in the right conditions he becomes a war machine and there will be no one else left. With the third season victory, the tenth in his career, Romano is the Moto3 rider with the most wins since the class was introduced in 2012. In the day of the tricolor supremacy (3 Italian riders on the podium), the French Jules Danilo crossed the finishing line eighteenth, close to the point zone, behind the leader of the Championship Mir.

Romano Fenati: "The Championship is never lost until the arithmetic confirms it. Today I didn't think about that. In these days we worked well and in the morning we did a modification which helped us to improve. I felt comfortable on the bike and everything went well. It was not easy, it was very cold and I was totally wet but staying ahead is easier! Why I am so strong on the wet? Probably I trust my team and my bike. I enjoy this victory now but I am also thinking about Australia and Phillip Island is a track I love".

Jules Danilo: "Today I hadn't grip at the rear and the bike was slipping a lot. In these conditions it is always difficult to ride. I hoped to get the point zone, we were close, anyway we'll try again in Australia".