A cutting-edge Integrated System in CO2 world

A new, highly-efficient, full CO2 integrated system to meet the requirements for refrigeration, air conditioning in summer, heating in winter and domestic hot water of an entire supermarket.

The new system, installed by Rivacold in a 1500 Sq m of Monticello Brianza in Italy, expands Rivacold’s portfolio in this market segment, adding a new product concept to the 4Y system, featuring innovative solutions which are environmentally friendly and provide significant energy savings.   

This natural gas system, developed with technical input by Alfa Projekt for the installer ADM, is ideal where the demand for heating and air conditioning is greater than that for refrigeration. Indeed, in this installation, the system can supply a capacity of 90 kW for medium-temperature utilities, 20 kW for low-temperature utilities and up to 130 kW of air conditioning (both in summer cooling and winter heating mode), as well as 20 kW of DHW. The refrigeration utilities are served by six Frascold direct expansion compressors with CO2 (3 TN and 3 BT).

To increase the efficiency of refrigeration with room temperatures over 32°, a parallel compression is produced by an additional four compressors which also guarantee the production of cold water for the air conditioning system in the summer. Heating in winter is produced by the total recovery of the heat from refrigeration. The smart solution of the gas cooler with built-in evaporator, combined with a customised control software developed by Rivacold, allows evaporation at higher temperatures, even on cold days. compared to systems without this software, resulting in lower consumption, as well as a much simpler management of defrosting. Unlike heat pumps, therefore, this system guarantees excellent heating performances in the winter even at low room temperatures. This results in significant reductions in consumption, especially during initial opening hours, when the demand could be higher because the heating system is switched off at night, by recovering heat from the refrigeration system which is always up and running.

All these features mean the system allows the supermarket to save 15% on energy consumption compared to a simple CO2 booster system, and reinforces the decision by Rivacold to move towards more efficient, environmentally friendly solutions.


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