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HOST 2021
RIVACOLD invite you at HOST 2021 HALL 1 / Stand N21 P30

On the occasion of HOST Rivacold exhibits a wide range of products, specifically designed for manufacturers, distributors and installers of the, developed according to the guidelines driving the design of Rivacold models since a long time: maximum reliability, energy efficiency and attention to the environment, as well as the perfect preservation of the organoleptic qualities of food and compliance with current and future international regulations, such as Eco-Design and F-Gas.

The energy label theme, which has come into force for cabinets and counters, is particularly impactful in this area. Rivacold, in addition to proposing models that are indispensable in reaching the required consumption targets, can offer an accredited structure at the forefront in Europe, the VAG Refrigeration Laboratory, in which to co-develop with customers, test and measure the performance of all the codes manufactured. New technologies and new environmental sustainability requirements are transforming the refrigeration sector and present new challenges to which Rivacold can respond with two different types of 100% ecological solutions.

The first type consists of propane natural refrigerant products (R290), starting with the range of packaged units for cabinets and tables with high efficiency, complying with the Eco-Design standards and designed in the laboratory to contribute significantly to getting the best classes in the energy label. In this category Rivacold also offers the monobloc for cabinets with variable speed compressor, a premium alternative born with the aim of maximizing performance and further reduce consumption.

Rivacold also exhibits the new BEST, the flagship product in the historic wall monobloc segment for medium and low temperature small and medium-sized coldrooms, up to 40 m3. The new wall monobloc marks a decisive step forward in the company’s product innovations and, at the same time, a clear choice of continuity from the point of view of sustainability, well beyond the strict regulations on refrigerants, which provide for a reduction in emissions and a charge limited to 150 grams for propane.

The hardware system, significantly called RIV-OLUTION, and the new software developed internally with the function "Smart Defrost" ensure maximum precision and stability in temperature regulation and significant energy savings, up to 21% compared to the previous generation of products. With BEST, we are also entering the digital world in this sector, thanks to an integrated connectivity system that allows total control of parameters even remotely.

The offer of Rivacold propane products is completed by the high-efficiency R290 condensing units with mini-tube condensers for counters and display cabinets in accordance with Eco-Design, a new complete range with high efficiency compressors.

The second type of ecological solutions includes all the natural refrigerant CO2 ranges (R744). Today, the company can offer the market a wide choice of eco-friendly CO2 solutions, aiming to become the main reference point for all customers for this type of applications. For all convenient stores that want to enter or continue the conversion to CO2, Rivacold has developed the Connext: a range of capacitor units and transcritical R744 split systems for medium and low temperature applications (cold rooms, counters and wall display cases) in small supermarkets. Rivacold is one of the few companies in Europe that also produces heat exchangers and among others, gas coolers, unit coolers (slim, cubic and double flow) and static evaporators dedicated to transcritical CO2.

Host is a fair of hospitality in general, in which refrigeration has always played a very important transversal role. The task of RIVACOLD is, in fact, to ensure the cold chain with solutions designed specifically for all the applications involved, such as refrigerated transport, through systems of different types, from battery models to those with direct driven compressor complete with evaporator and remote electronic control.

The high quality of the materials used and the tests in production and laboratory make the Rivacold offer the ideal solution for an environmentally sustainable commercial refrigeration and in line with the needs of the most stringent European directives.