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VAG group supports new environmental engineering courses

Two new degree courses in Industrial Sustainable Engineering are set to start next autumn at the Marche Polytechnic University in Pesaro: the only two degree courses in Italy to train professionals with transversal skills in the fields of Mechanics, Electronics and Energy. The programme consists of a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree, held in English, with a focus on Sustainable Manufacturing and Sustainable Energy Transition. These new curricula are a major opportunity for our region, for young people and for companies.

At the VAG Group, we have firmly believed in this initiative right from the outset by supporting it and actively planning contents, since it fully reflects the commitment that Rivacold, Vitrifrigo and all the companies in the Group have always shown towards education and training. In fact, over the years, our company has finalised a number of school-to-work projects and work placement schemes for young people who have earned a diploma o degree. We are constantly hiring promising young talents in our R&D divisions, technical departments, laboratories, production department, and in other roles in the company. Our group currently employs 1,700 people, with a very low average age, especially in the technical departments. In particular, we have been co-operating with the Marche Polytechnic University for several years now. Many of our engineers, over 100 in total, studied at this university. In addition, every year our company welcomes interns, graduands and PhD students for their thesis or dissertations.

In cooperation with the Marche Polytechnic University, we have also set up the VAG Refrigeration Laboratory, a state-of-the-art laboratory in Europe for R&D in the refrigeration industry and in other sectors. We even have other major development plans in the pipeline, also in partnership with the Marche Polytechnic University: the Laboratory, which will be expanded, and the Smart Factory Plan, as part of which we are participating together in the national call for tenders. We expect to continue growing our business in the future and to offer increasingly sophisticated products in our target market. New and more stringent regulations will come into force. The compelling need to combine industrial developments with environmental sustainability will be one of the main goals that we will strive to achieve. In this respect, we plan to hire more engineers and provide numerous opportunities for interaction with graduands of these new degree courses, with regard to both subjects (training modules, laboratories, internships) and deeper insights into scientific research.

Such degree courses are therefore essential, and not only because they offer interesting curricula, but also for the range of skills that graduates will be taught. Naturally, these skills will then have to be honed in-house, but will serve as basis to develop strategic knowledge that will enable them to embark on a career path that is aligned with the changes that are currently taking place in the world of work.

We would like to wish the best of luck to all the students who will enrol in these courses. We hope to see them soon working in our technical departments and in all the companies in the region which, just like us, have supported this project.