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RIVACOLD: a SAFE workplace

We are going through a very complex period and, even if the worst seems to be behind us, we face every day, like everyone else, both the concerns about the health aspect and the economic consequences of this world crisis. We are a Group that, only in the Municipality of Vallefoglia, employs about 1200 people: the responsibility we feel we have towards these families has prompted us to act carefully and in collaboration with the health authorities, respecting not only the regulations, but mainly meeting the understandable need for safety of all employees. For this reason, we can announce that as early as last week, we started serological tests on all our workers to identify those who are potentially positive and those who have already developed antibodies: we chose the utmost caution by still keeping people who have even a minimum viral load isolated, although not sufficient for the transmission of the infection. We are preparing, with this information, for the future recovery of the full functioning of the company. We will adopt a way of working that will be different from what we are accustomed to, in which physical distancing, smart working and personal protective equipment - such as gloves and masks - will ensure complete protection for all our employees and their families. However, since March the 14th, the same precautions have already been used, to guarantee the supply of refrigeration systems limited to only essential companies in the food and medical supply chain.
To go back to 100% production, we want our company to be 100% secure.
This is our next goal and the biggest contribution we will give to our territory, like all the efforts we made  since the beginning by providing the masks free of charge to the Local Police corps, to the Municipality, and to the local Health organization and by participating in the 15 respirators supply that were donated to the Marche Nord hospital in order to increase intensive care places.

We are working to get back stronger than before, together we will make it.