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Grand Prix de Catalunya: Fenati second in the race

Romano Fenati came back on the podium, by inflaming the Spanish public, at Barcelona circuit. A race done with heart, head and energy for the rider of Ascoli who came to impose the pace in the race and lost the victory just at the last corner. Barcelona was a "bewitched" track for him as he never got a podium there. Today Romano regained even the second position in the general classification. Jules Danilo, who recovered positions until the point zone, crashed few corners to the end.

Romano Fenati: "Today Mir and Martin were really fast and, at the last lap, I preferred to avoid risks, for not compromising the race. We come from a not good result in Mugello and from a 0 at Le Mans, and today it was really important to get points, especially for our mood. The team did a great job, the bike was good and I hope it will go on in this way for all the season. The Championship for me is still open, we are all close apart Joan. 45 points could seem a lot but I think that anything is impossible, I can still recover. Apart form points and the Championship I know we have to use always heart, head and have fun. If we go on in this way I will be always happy, whatever result we'll get ".

Jules Danilo: "All the weekend was not easy for me, but this morning in the warm up we did a step forward. I was confident for the race but then I realize that I had difficulties in keeping the contact with the group. My lap time was not bad but today the race was too fast today. At the last lap I did a mistake, I brake too late and then I immediately lost the rear. By the way, I am physically ok and at Assen we will come back stronger ".

Podio Fenati