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RIVACOLD invite you at EUROSHOP 2023 HALL 17 / Stand D01

After the 2020 edition where we had only little news of what was to come globally, Rivacold is delighted to attend this edition of Euroshop 2023 with renewed enthusiasm certain that we have put these 3 years of research and development to good use. Energy saving and environmental sustainability are now unavoidable necessities and topics for which we want to achieve the highest achievable parameters in the name of continuous evolution.

There will be two main innovations, the further development of the packaged unit with the presentation of the BEST ceiling version and the variable-rotation version of the wall-mounted one, and the new range of UNICA sound-proof condensing units.

The new R290 ceiling packaged unit completes the BEST range, following the wall-mounted model already in distribution. BEST is confirmed as the flagship product in the historical packaged unit segment for small and medium-sized cold rooms up to 50 m3. The new packaged units, both ceiling and wall, mark a decisive step forward in the company's product innovations and, at the same time, a clear choice of continuity in terms of sustainability.

BEST is, first and foremost, a great work of industrial design: a complete redesign of both the aesthetic part, made more attractive, and the thermodynamic circuit which, with the inclusion of the thermostatic valve and the reduction in the diameter of the tubes, combines efficiency, extreme reliability and high performance.

This new “motor”, combined with the hardware system significantly called RIV-OLUTION, ensures maximum precision and stability in temperature control and significant energy savings, up to 21% compared to the previous generation of products and 40% in the variable speed version.

With BEST you enter the digital world, thanks to My Vision: an integrated connectivity system that allows total control of parameters even remotely and, therefore, maximum safety and ease of service and maintenance. RIV-OLUTION electronics and My Vision digital service will now be available on all new Rivacold products compatible with these new technologies.

Such as, for example, CHAMP, the modular propane chiller that, with outputs from 8 up to 76 kW, can cool glycol water (T in/out down to -4/-8 °C)

The second premiere presented at the show is the new range of UNICA sound-proof condensing units. An innovative project involving some of the most commercially successful product series for Rivacold over time.

The new range of shrouded units includes four machine sizes, hermetic, scroll, scroll digital and semi-hermetic compressors, power ratings up to 17 kW and multi-gas solutions including synthetic and A2l refrigerants. Again, behind this new range there has been a great deal of industrial design work, which has led, aesthetically, to a family feeling with the BEST range and, thermodynamically, to maximum efficiency and reliability. New electronic control and customised software, electronic fans and safety valve make these new machines high performing, safe and silent, and can be installed outdoors in any situation. It was precisely on installation and maintenance that the designers' efforts were particularly focused. The new units will be stackable and easy to inspect, on three sides, thanks to hinged doors with a ¼ turn key. This means maximum accessibility to all components. The new shrouded units enter, of course, the digital world and the My Vision remote control service.

Finally, Rivacold dedicates a large exhibition area to CO2 natural refrigerant solutions, a sector to which the company has been dedicating special attention for more than ten years now, and a complete range of products that includes, units, power packs and exchangers (gas coolers, ventilated evaporators and static evaporators). For all convenient stores wishing to enter or continue the conversion to CO2, Rivacold has joined the Connext, split units and system with BLDC compressor, with the new MH X: a range of R744 transcritical condensing units and mini condensing units using semi-hermetic compressors for medium and low temperature applications (cold rooms, freezers and wall units) in small and medium sized supermarkets.

Finally, at Euroshop, Rivacold presents a new range of compact transcritical compressor packs, in which the dimensions are optimised and the small overall dimensions, ideal for installation in narrower spaces, still leaves room for configuration with 2 medium-temperature and 2 low-temperature compressors. Power up to 75 kW medium temperature and 30 kW low temperature in the dual temperature version, up to 54 kW in the low temperature only version.

Rivacold therefore presents itself as a benchmark for all refrigeration dedicated to supermarkets and retail in general: the high quality of the materials used and the production and laboratory tests make the Rivacold offer an ideal solution in terms of efficiency and eco-sustainability.