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Chillventa 2016 - 50 YEARS OF SUCCESS

Rivacold has attended with success to the last edition of Chillventa, one of the most important international exhibitions dedicated to the commercial and industrial refrigeration . In Nuernberg, the company has presented a completely renewed image of all brands related to the VAG group (Vitri Alceste Group) and has invited its collaborators and international customers to a big party to close with this event the year of celebrations for the 50° anniversary from its foundation; this event was the third one after the one organized last March in Milan during MCE exhibitions and the big event in July at the headquarter in Italy near Pesaro at the presence of authorities, customers, suppliers and more than 1200 people among employers and collaborators. For any company 50 years is a significant goal that only those with the necessary management skills to adapt to, and in some cases anticipate, the changes taking place in the sector can hope to achieve. Since it was founded, during the Italian industrial boom of the 1960s, Rivacold has succeeded in responding to the exigencies of its customers, showing great flexibility in promptly interpreting the changes taking place and quick to understand the importance of technological and market trends. The founder, Mr Alceste Vitri, President of the VAG group today, made a toast together with his son and daughter , Alessandro and Roberta, who have taken since many years now an active role within the companies of the group, and many others among customers and collaborators that have given a big contribution for the success of Rivacold during all these years : “ The history of Rivacold is the story of a great passion. A steady growth path in which the ambition to improve themselves has always been stronger than the difficulties encountered. From the first condensing units to the racks for today's supermarkets, from small units assembled on tables to the production lines of 130 thousand square meters of warehouses, from handmade drawings to 3D laser machines, the technical and technological component has evolved and we did as well. But the so-called "human factor", that something more that I, as an entrepreneur, I have added to the project, in terms of enthusiasm, ideas, vision and commitment has remained unchanged over time, today as in 1966. The values that, I believe I can say, I was able to pass down to my children and also share with all my employees. With our capital of tradition, experience and skills, and your continuous support, the Vitri Alceste Group can look back with pride and forward, to the future, with great optimism.” With the same optimism and strengthen by the great experience and skills gained during all these years Rivacold is presenting to the refrigeration market a wide range of solutions dedicated to commercial and industrial refrigeration some of them being introduced for the first time to the international attenders of Chillventa. All the products have been designed and developed in order to give new performance solutions for the current and future refrigeration market demands and trends, and at the same time to combine reduced environmental impact, low energy consumption and good quality. Among the new products exhibited a big interest was drawn by the solutions using the CO2 as refrigerant. Rivacold has been invested significant human and economic resources for the study and the development of this natural refrigerant and every year is manufacturing an increasing number of subritical and transcritical multicompressor packs for CO 2 , At Chillventa the company has launched several eco-sustainable proposals, starting from the new concept system CO2NNEXT, the first transcritical R744 split system with variable capacity thanks to the use of an hermetic BLDC compressor for the application on counters and coldrooms of medium temperature convenient stores. This is a complete system (condensing unit + evaporator + electronic control) that guarantees, thanks to its electronics and variable speed compressor, a perfect storage of food together with a sensible energy saving. Furthermore, CO2NNEXT can be used with a multiple items connection: it can control up to 5 different evaporators being those installed inside coldrooms, counters or wall display cabinets, in the easiest and fast way by simply connecting the liquid and the suction lines to the main unit . CO2 EJECTORS is instead a new Rivacold proposal for supermarket and logistics centers for transcritical MT/LT application with ejectors. The ejectors solution gives the best performance also in warm climate areas (average ambient temperature > 15 °C) with an estimated energy saving around 20% (Tamb 32°C) compared to a traditional booster system . NCS is a low temperature cascade system, it is a 100% natural refrigerant system ( R290 high stange , subcritical CO2 in the low stage that Rivacold is proposing an efficient and competitive alternative system mainly in warm climates for small refrigeration size plants. Rivacold has also exhibited at Chillventa a new heat exchanger range for CO2 starting from the gas cooler for transcritical R744 application with a high efficient fan motor (-16% of consumption compared to a standard EC fan motor of the same capacity). Besides, another important new range is the new generations of 350 diameter cubic evaporators designed for further improving reliability and easy installation and maintenance with an electronic fan motor that gives a 20% energy saving and a capacity improvement of 10% compared to a standard AC fan motor. The refrigeration market is developing in a very fast way towards a closer attention to the environment and Rivacold is ready to take up and win this new challenge .